Shashikunj Academy of Art, Music and Cultural Activities
A perfect hall (650 sq.ft.) providing the most comfortable environ-ment to children participants with all basic facilities for Painting, Art and Craft.
A big 1000 sq.ft of area with wall size mirrors equipped with music system for activities like Yoga, Pranayam, Folk / Traditional Dances, Garba, Martial Art - Karate, Theatre - Acting & Dramatic Art
A big hall (1500 sq.ft.)) with a small stage, sound, Mike facility with wall size mirrors, also with music system specially designed for Aerobics, Western Dance, Fun with English (For Kids), Birthdays and for arranging small events / competitions, Conferances, Seminars etc.
Sound of souls echo in this hall (800 sq. ft.) with vibrations of players, learning Tabla, Harmonium, Keyboard, Guitar, Bharat Natyam, Katthak, Kuchuipudi, Vocal, Geeta path etc. are the added activites undertaken
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