Shashikunj Academy of Art, Music and Cultural Activities

The Legacy
Late Shri Shashikant A Lakhani ( March 16th, 1938 - September 7th, 1995) an eminent lawyer of Gujarat High Court, belonged to a family having 115 years of legal heritage through two prior generations, hailed from Porbandar. He enjoyed high profile political carrier and represented his constituency as Speaker (1990) and as Minister for Industry, Mines & Minerals, Law & Judiciary, Stationary & Printing, Tourism (1991-1995). Shashibhai, as he was popularly known, a man with multifarious personality lived a down to earth life for the cause of social upliftment. As an individual he walked on the tight rope for perceived value system, a voracious reader, highly sociable, time punctual, passionate lover of Art, Music and Cultural activities are most remembered traits of Late Shri Shashikantbhai. With this blend he dreamt of bringing and unified society on single platform without any discrimination.

Know Us
Shashikunj presents for the first time in Ahmedabad convergence of Art, Music and Cultural Activities under one roof.

Serene environment of Shashikunj is committed to put back a smile on your face through a host of activities enjoyed by all age groups, customized to elevate your true inner self... Shashikunj is indebted to Viral Sihar (Rajkot), an Interior Designer, who gave Shashikunj its present look and ambience which inspires and nurtures creativity.

Conveniently located on S. G. Road with full fledged facilities and ambiance.

Shashikunj staff extends a very hearty Welcome to join us in journey towards building an art & cultural hub of AHMEDABAD.

A perfect hall (650 sq.ft.) providing the most comfortable environ-ment to children participants with all basic facilities for Painting, Art and Craft.
A big 1000 sq.ft of area with wall size mirrors equipped with music system for activities like Yoga, Pranayam, Folk / Traditional Dances, Garba, Martial Art - Karate, Theatre - Acting & Dramatic Art
A big hall (1500 sq.ft.)) with a small stage, sound, Mike facility with wall size mirrors, also with music system specially designed for Aerobics, Western Dance, Fun with English (For Kids), Birthdays and for arranging small events / competitions, Conferances, Seminars etc.
Sound of souls echo in this hall (800 sq. ft.) with vibrations of players, learning Tabla, Harmonium, Keyboard, Guitar, Bharat Natyam, Katthak, Kuchuipudi, Vocal, Geeta path etc. are the added activites undertaken
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